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Apart from being Human Resource Professional, I am content writer and blogger. I handle my own website about yoga -

What is Credit Insurance?

Credit insurance is the type of policy purchased by the borrower in the times of one or more debts that could be in the event of unemployment, disability, or death.

Credit insurance is known by the credit card feature, as the monthly cost charging is a low percentage of the card’s balance which is nil.

How do Credit Insurance Works?

Credit insurance works as a lifesaver in terms of financial level in the event of uncertainties.

But some credit insurance policies are overpriced compared to the benefits and filled with fine prints, thus, make it hard to collect.

Keynotes –

  1. Credit insurance is known to be the…

Introduction -

The domain of marine insurance is vast. There is a categorization of various types of Marine insurance in India.

As per the requirements and needs of the transporter, a proper type of marine insurance can be narrowed down and focus on the type of marine insurance for the transporter.

What is Marine Insurance?

Before we jump into Marine insurance, let’s understand the term “insurance.” According to the dictionary, “insurance” means where one party compensates another party against loss by a specified uncertainty. …

Generating a quality lead is not just a random client, but the quality lead is the foundation of B2B’s marketing strategy.

Also, if you see, there is a significant difference between B2B marketing and B2C marketing.

Lead Generation

And, when you want to ensure a strong B2B marketing strategy, you must use the combination of inbound and outbound strategy.

Moreover, if you see, the inbound strategy is focused on credibility and credibility, which helps get qualified leads, while outbound is concentrated in immediate connection with the leads.

So, what is B2B Lead Generation?

In short, B2B is known as Business-to-Business lead generation, where the process of lead generation…

Digital Marketing is the powerful tool that comes as the cheapest yet effective in reaching out to the target audience and helps in selling out your products or services efficiently.

Yet if you desire the best result, you must be aware of things to use digital marketing in the right way as a successful digital marketer.

Social Media

Knowing what not to do as a Digital marketer is as essential as knowing what to do.

So here are the top 5 Digital Marketing mistakes to avoid in 2021 -

1. Not Aware of Target Audience -

The success of digital marketing hides in the buyer’s persona, which is known…

In today’s world, selecting proper marketing is essential, and here is the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing.

Once you understand the difference, you will get the right idea for your business.


So, what is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing is done mainly through print ads, billboards, newspapers, commercial ads on radio or TV, and business cards.

You can say understand in short, anything that is not a part of digital marketing will be Traditional marketing to promote your brand.

Traditional marketing is a conventional form of marketing where your business can reach your target audience through a network, reference, or word of mouth.


Kindly note that my article consists of affiliate links where I can earn a small commission from the purchases made by you through the link in the article.

I only recommend the products that I have used in the past or use for my personal needs.

As a writer, you have to maintain a portfolio for your website.

But the question always remains which is the best platform to start?

Whether you want to pursue a writer job or freelancing, you will need a portfolio website to reflect your writing to your client.

When you say the word blogging —…

Have you considered using one Facebook group for your business?

You probably are part of one or more Facebook groups.

Facebook Group

So, why do you not consider using the Facebook group for your business?

But let me help you with this –

Do not just make a Facebook group and start inviting everyone you know as the group is not about you but for your target audience.

Moreover, you do not want people to spam your Facebook group with links.

Also, you might have observed how people start spamming groups with links and spam everyone who will be your target audience.

There has been a positive impact on Digital Marketing due to Work from Home.

Are you worried if Digital Marketing holds importance in the future?

Scope of Digital Marketing

Let me help you with this –

There are unlimited opportunities to explore if you are running your business with Digital Marketing.

There were times when companies used to use the traditional forms of marketing and to advertise their products on Television or Radio.

Things have changed now due to ever-increasing mobile phones as well as internet users.

With the use of Digital Marketing, you can target your audience globally in an effortless manner.


Is it worth it for you to learn email marketing?

Yes, it is worth it. As email marketing is a helpful skill to market your products, you might be a marketer, businessman, or entrepreneur.

Email Marketing

How could you learn email marketing?

The best way to learn email marketing is through free and paid online courses.

Email marketing is the way to build a community for your brand, engage with existing customers, and increase your revenue.

The courses cover different topics in Email Marketing courses that are helpful for beginners and experienced marketers.

Doing an Email Marketing course is significant for you?

If you are using an email marketing strategy, the…

You can create an affiliate marketing blog with no specific experience required.

Want to improve your chances of success?

Affiliate Marketing Blog

Here’s the deal -

Stick to the content, and I will provide you “Quick Tips” that will come in handy for your affiliate marketing blogs.

With trusted affiliate programs, you can make your money through affiliate marketing.

You could monetize your blog by placing affiliate marketing links in your blog post.

As a beginner, this may sound challenging for you –

As I mentioned above, “Quick Tips” will help you in the journey of your affiliate marketing blog.

Moreover, with your…

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